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March 25, 2009


mamakendra absolutely wonderfully imaginative! Mark too is a geek, and his influence on the boys is of the D&D, sci-fi, comic book genres. I guess it has spilled over to me too despite trying to avoid most those at all costs, lol. I am a really absent blogger too, but maybe some sort of "Blog by Friday" deadline imposed on myself IS a good thing!


I love having other cool geeky friends.

Speaking of circus art on Etsy, do you know lovely Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist blog? She has Etsy and she has some really neat circus art prints.

Oh, and please tell me the name of the Zombie game. I'll look for it. We have this game:
and the whole family loves it. Four can play at a time, so perfect for your family. You each get to pick your own home grave.

Madame Keystroke (aka Femtastic)

You have done VERY WELL, my pet. Were I there in person I would give you 'good puppy' strokes (dirty) but instead I give you one "get out of bondage free" card.

Your next challenge: a blog post without any list in it at all. Go forth and be fabulous!


Nice to see you back my dear, you've been missed. Are you liking Dollhouse?


Took a peek here today after meeting up with a "daily devotion" player again.. which made me think of you to see what you were up to. Not doing art daily when challenged those few years back with you, but still doing it pretty regularly... also being a bad blogger lately... just a lot of work.
Hey, maybe you need another one of those daily devotion groups..
good to see ya again :-)


Welcome Back!!

I also saw Watchmen and got VERY excited at the previews! Wolverine has always been my fave character from that series. I love the geekiness, as I am a closet geek. I am someone that took notes during the second and third Matrix so I could use them to help me "figure things out".

Could you also maybe point me in the direction of any Etsy shops that you are aware of the feature skulls? I know that you have good taste and it would save me time from surfing through a gajillion!


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