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October 20, 2008



The secret to home made HASH BROWNS is to boil the potatoes first and let them cool completely (so do them the night before) and then grate them with an old fashioned hand grater (the box type). Place a TBS of oil in your pan and heat it on medium, then add grated potato. flatten them down lightly and then DONT touch them until you can see that the edges are getting crispy and brown. You can turn them as one big thing but if you have the co-ordination of a two yr old like I do, cut the whole thing in quarters and turn each section. Leave them until the other side is brown and TA-DA !!! You should experiment to be sure that the amount of oil is ok for you. I usually use 1 TBS but sometimes, depending on the type of potato (starchy or not) I need a little more.
As an old TV commercial goes..... Try it, you'll like it!

Elizabeth Starr Lilly

The Busick Court Cafe IS pretty grubby, and tiny too. I always feel cramped in there. But you would probably like their corn flake encrusted french toast. They're all the rave, but I've never tried them because if I eat dessert for breakfast I get cranky from all the sugar. That being said, I'm going to make Davidaires for breakfast soon ANYWAY. Thanks for the recipe!

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