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July 02, 2008



OK, I'll bite: what is the new obsession? (and is it "for men"? Or is it "manly, but I like it too!"...)


How freaking true this is!!!!! I get so obssessed with stuff sometimes I dream about the thing. I have this weird thing where I feel words in my mouth- like they have substance- and I will feel the ideas bubbling about.

I am so into the planning and the excitement and not so much about the carrying out- the final product.

((hugs)) to you my kindred spirit


Ohmigawd Rachel, I can't tell you how many parts of this post ring true for me. And your post is a piece of art - "rolling the obsession around and around in my head like polishing a stone" - I'm going to have to save this and read it again.

Hey, I keep thinking to ask you (and then of course immediately forgetting or getting sideswiped by other thoughts), but are you and the girls thinking of going to Faerieworlds this year in Eugene? We'll be there and in case you will be too, I don't want to miss seeing you.

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