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September 11, 2005


Regina Walker

Love the site!


somebody who dosn't like Harry Potter, so I'm not the only one!!sometimes you hardly dare say it, people look at you with huge eyes...I'm a terrible stacker too, and many other things in common...
but I can't tie a cherry stem into a knot though I tried hundreds times!!!
and big better not show my photo...
and you could be my daughter...think I'll adopt you and family...
as for the question: "do other people feel like grown-ups or are they just faking it ?" I never rely on those who say they are adults...A writer I love wrote a book whose title was: "the first time I was sixteen"...
I'll come back, and visit you again, love your blog...
see you dear


I am one of those outgoing strong women that you find intimidating, which I find awful , because I think you seem so super cool! :)
I have very much enjoyed reading this. Thank you! I might be brave and do the same.

sooz weissberg

What an interesting person!! You're really a unique blend. Thank you for your wonderful artistic contributions to the world. Were you at the Art & Soul Retreat in April in Monterey, California? You look familiar. I read your interview on Artella so bopped over here to learn more about you. Glad I did. Thank you!

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