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December 09, 2008



Oooh, that turned out great Rachel, I can't wait to see it filled in with color. She really did a great job with the vines.

alysse hennessey

Rach, I love it! I remembered to check your blog JUSt to see if there were tattoo photos! It was so nice to see you the other weekend. Come see my house sometime. I own a house-- with a real studio even. Course it's prettier in summer. I've been dreaming about tattoos for my birthday in the spring.......



it is beautiful

may i ask how long did your tattoo stay swollen for?

i just got one done not too long ago. and it got swollen. it is slowly going down... no redness, or nasty stuff. and was just wondering how long would it last swollen.


Oh My Good! A few weeks ago I was searching the internett for some nice botanical prints for a tattoo, and I found this print, only as a drawing. I loved it, but thought I would see if I found anything with the forget me not-flower today to compare. Then I found your site and picture! As you might have guessed I like you tattoo, and as I read what you had written under the pictures I see we have quite the same taste ;) Where did you get yours done..? I`m going to New York and San Francisco next week (I`m from Norway btw) and thought I would get it done while I was there. Hope to hear from you! My email is!

Best regards,

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